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A reliable way to earn money online!

Complete simple tasks to clean data for machine learning algorithms and get money striaght to your paypal account or btc address

Next payout will be disbursed in:

11 hours 0 minutes 3 seconds

Get Started!

Just enter your Paypal email or Wallet Address
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How We Mine

How It Work?


Its easy to get stared just enter your paypal email address or btc address at the top of the page and click the 'Get Started' button..

Select Campaign?

Classification groups will pay at different rates per image some might be NSFW some might be limited to only a few hundred images at a higher payout per image and some might pay low but be asking for millions of images to be classified

Get Paid!

We make payouts to our classifiers once every 48 hours. The next payout is at 2020-10-30 18:43:04

Common Questions

That completely depends on how many images you classifiy and how much each image is worth inside of your campaign. We try and make sure that our classifiers will never earn under $10 per hour if they maintain an average speed.
We try and ensure that payments are processed at least once every 24 hours. If you are curious when our next payout cycle will be please click here.

Our next payout should be disbursed in 11 hours minutes 0 seconds 3
It depends on the information you enter before classifing images. If you enter your email address we will be sending payment to your paypal account. If you enter a BTC Wallet Address we will be sending Bitcoins to that address and if you enter your Get A Freelancer username we will be sending you payment over Get A Freelancer.
Machine learning algorithms require vast amounts of clean data to learn from. The service you are helping with is cleaning data before its loaded into a machine learning algorithm. Weather that be telling the algorithm where the item or person is in a photo (Draw A Box) Campaigns or if an image contains a certain item or preson (Yes No Checkbox) Campaigns.
Yes, we are happy to inform you when new campaigns are added to our site. Please click here to get added to our email list.
These campaigns typically pay a bit higher per image processed because they require the user to click and drag (drawing) a box around the item or person requested in the image. You will know what item or person you are looking for and how to draw the boxes becuase after selecting to work on a Classification (Draw A Box) Campaign you will be show tutorial images on what you should do and what the person or item you are looking for will look like.
These campaigns typically pay a bit lower per image but can be compelted a much higher rate of speed. These campaigns will show you a few example images of the item or person you will be looking for in a image. After starting the webpage will dipslay 100 images on a page and you are asked to click on every image that contains the person or item.
We are given these campaigns from people running machine learning algorithms we do not select the content type you will be looking at. We inform you before selecting a campaign if the images will contain adult content or not.
Its simple click here and simply enter you paypal email address, bitcoin wallet address or get a freelancer username and then simply click get started. After doing that you will be asked to select a campaign. You can see how much we pay per image in each campaign and weather or not the contain adult content along with weather or not its a simple yes no check box campaign type or a more labor intensive draw a box campagin type. After clicking on the campaingn name you will be taken to a page that will give you some
Current Campaigns & Recent Payouts

Current Campaigns & Recent Payouts

Campaign Name Date Started Campaign Type Payout Per Image Adult Content Completed / Total
Reddit Dark Angels2019-11-13 19:18:30Describe The Image0.01Yes5438 / 10222
Date Time Address Amount
2019-07-30 16:00:001BvBMSEYstWetqTFn5Au4m4GFg7xJaNVN2$12.50
2019-07-31 19:54:00shahze*********************$1.23
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